Starting over.

My family moved to Richmond, VA this summer and we have been making some changes. Our new house is so much larger than our little Florida apartment that we have a table in the kitchen just for art (and breakfast, I suppose). My girls and I have been visiting the museum and spending long afternoons playing with paint.

A long time ago I wanted to be a children’s book illustrator. I even went to school for it. But then I fell in love and moved and had to get a pays-the-bills kind of job and had two babies. This was all good stuff. I made doodles for my girls and read lots and lots of picture books. I accidentally did all sorts of research into what amuses kids and what amuses parents and what amuses neither but looks nice on the shelf.

Now I want to make a book too. I’ve stopped wasting my bits of spare time on the internet and started using them for sketching instead. We bring home heaping piles of books from the library every week to see what’s out there. I am working out my style and medium of choice.

This is the spot where I post my progress. Thanks for looking.


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